Terms of Service

In joining Xpressions or renewing your membership, you acknowledge, agree to and accept that:

  • Xpressions is a volunteer run and membership run organization.
  • Xpressions and its Board Members are committed to, and take every reasonable precaution to deliver a safe and secure environment for its members. All membership information is kept strictly confidential and all reasonable efforts are made to protect your information and ensure that the Xpressions website is safe and secure.
  • The only mandatory information we require is your ‘preferred name’ and a valid email address. You will never be asked to provide your legal name, address or phone number unless you’re comfortable doing so. You may wish to provide additional information as per the membership application form but this isn’t mandatory. However, the more information you are able to provide, the better we can tailor your needs to suit you.
  • Any information submitted by you is used EXCLUSIVELY for the purposes of managing the organization, and where permission is given, contacting you about Xpressions events. No information is shared or distributed to any other parties or without your express written permission.
  • You agree to hold harmless the Xpressions Board Members for any inferred breach of confidentiality that may occur as a result of information shared either on the Xpressions website, in your membership area or in the course of managing and running the organization.
  • You accept and hold harmless the Xpressions Board of Directors and all writers of any website article(s) that may be accessible to both the public and private areas of our web site. These mediums are used, in part, to inform and report on Xpressions events, and in doing so, Xpressions publishes photographs and “preferred” names of members.
  • No photographs are to be taken of any member without first obtaining prior permission from that person. This also includes publishing of photos on the website or in any other media. Members are instructed to remain respectful at all times if a person does not wish to have their photograph taken.
  • Despite strongly advocating seeking of permission from a person prior to taking their photograph, be aware that in the course of participating in Xpressions public sponsored events, general photography is permitted and you acknowledge and accept that the possibility that an image or likeness of yourself may appear in one of these mediums. Inclusion of photographs for any reason by the site administrators and authors will use the utmost discretion in the selection and publication of any image. If you find there is an image of you that you want removed, just let us know and we will endeavour to remove it promptly.
  • In renewing your membership, you acknowledge and accept your likeness or image may appear in any medium. However, if you do see an image of yourself and wish to have it removed, please contact us through the site contact form or in the members area with the moderator.