Membership has its privileges……It’s about support and community.

Xpressions provides a safe and welcoming space for Trans persons and their partners to get together in a variety of social environments to safely explore their gender expression. It is about making friends, finding support and understanding with like-minded individuals of all ages. Many of our members have active and supportive partners or Significant Others (SOs). Xpressions can offer a great opportunity for partners to address their own concerns with other partners, as well as providing support and answering any questions they may have. Support to our SO’s is an important part of the work that we do.

Membership benefits include:

Monthly Dinners

These are held on the last Saturday night of each month at a restaurant in Toronto, GTA or in parts of Southern Ontario.  See our Dinners page for further information

Monthly Pub Nights

Traditionally held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and focused on discussion topics and meeting new friends in a relaxed and private pub atmosphere. Come dressed or drab, we normally meet in a pub in the “Village”.  We regularly have guest speakers covering such diverse topics as wig care, makeup, fashion, hormone therapy, deportment, transgender politics, self defense, marital relationships, personal growth, and many other areas.  See our Pub Nights page for further information.

Other Events

On occasion, we hold other events across the city including movie nights, theatre outings, English teas, pot-luck dinners, and picnics.  We also attend and support Pride Events across southern Ontario including Toronto Pride, Durham Pride, Peterborough Pride to name a few.

Annual Events

In addition to regular monthly activities, Xpressions offers members a number of special events over the year including:

  • our Holiday Gala extravaganza in December in a fabulous downtown Toronto hotel.  Among other activities over the weekend, you don’t want to miss our annual pageant to crown the queen of Xpressions.
  • Gal’s Spring Fling in Kingston in May.  While Spring Fling is organized by our friends at GSF Productions, Xpressions is a sponsor of this event. Spring Fling is a great opportunity to spend up to a week as yourself with various fun activities. We even go to the Legion!
  • Pride Week celebrations in Toronto, including participation in the Trans March, a Trans March party, and our annual Pride Dinner on Church St.

These events provide members and their partners an opportunity to spend an extended length of time dressed, share experiences and feelings with other members, attend workshops, enjoy some great culture and entertainment and have a ton of fun!

Members website

Our password-protected members website features a Member’s Directory, list of friendly shopping locations and service providers, and many other Trans resources.  With our new website, we now offer a Forum where you can ask questions, share your thoughts and engage in some friendly discussion with your fellow members on whatever you want to talk about. It’s also a great place to learn about our wonderful Trans community and a place to make plans to meet up with friends. 

Cost of Membership

Membership is $25 per year. Click here to JOIN Online. For further information, please check out the various links on the website at the top of the page or email us at: [email protected]

We hope we’ve provided some good reasons why you should consider joining us. As any of our members will tell you, it was the best thing they ever did and it changed their lives.

So come and join us and start living and being your true self. You won’t regret it.


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