IMG_2611crop2Welcome to our organization; “Xpressions”. For over 20 years, Xpressions has offered membership, support and a warm welcome to Transgender (TG) Ontarians. Centred in Toronto, we are actively involved in bringing together like-minded individuals to meet, establish friendships & ultimately feel comfortable getting out in public dressed as their desired gender identity.

Without listing the many labelled or sub-group definitions that encompass the TG “umbrella” today, we are open to all who consider themselves TG. In addition, we also welcome partners of TG individuals who are interested in learning more about TG lifestyles such as what to expect and how to lovingly support a TG partner. Several of our Members’ partners attend our functions regularly and are open to sharing, from their perspective, TG experiences. Fundamentally, we are predominantly a group of Male to Female (MtF) TG individuals; however we do equally welcome Female to Male (FtM) Transgender individuals. We would like to grow FtM membership, thus becoming more representative of the TG community as a whole.

Many of us refer to our collective TG experiences as our “journeys”. We have members from all over Ontario and at all points on their own personal “journey” Whatever your orientation, wherever you are in your journey, whether you just want to connect on-line or whether you are raring to get out & about, you will fit in & find encouraging support within Xpressions. The first step, if you live within reasonable distance of Toronto, is to come to one of our pub nights. If you live within the wider GTA area, come out to one of our monthly dinner outings. From time to time we invite relevant guest speakers to our functions to educate, inform and support the TG lifestyle.

Personally, for me, Xpressions has been a life- changing opportunity. As with many others before me I was encouraged out the closet with kindness & support from other members. As my experiences grew, so did my confidence with my alternative gender identity. Xpressions has enabled me to discover and understand my alternate self and has empowered me to enjoy life more fully in my female identity. Additionally, knowing our paths would not have otherwise crossed, I am very grateful to Xpressions for many new and valued friendships.

If you would like to contact me for further information, please e-mail me at:

Cindy Walton

President, Xpressions



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