Dear Members and Friends of Xpressions,

Our years’ activities are now off to a roaring start and it is high time I stood high on my throne and passed some jewels of wisdom to my subjects.  Oh yes, this “royal” inference is a reflection of those who have kidded me about being “Victoria, Queen of Xpressions”. With myself (Victoria Palmer) as President and Victoria Spencer as Vice President, we are gearing-up for a royally successful year. This year we have a small Xpressions Board of 6, but we will accomplish much.  As this message goes to press we have already had one Pub Night/AGM(2016), one RED Hot Pub Night with gift exchange and clothing donation, and three Dinners, with one Green theme (St Patties) Pub Night with Darts and a surprise.

This will be a benchmark year of activities and I hope to see many of you regulars and a lot of new girls.

Our CD/TG world is really large when it all averages out, and our world of fiends is quite close.  We each stepped into or evolved our own journey at different speeds, times and with known or unknown goals in mind.  We are therefore here for you with peer support and friendship. To recap the phrase, “we are together stronger than the sum of all of us”. How can that be?  We are building on a foundation of experiences beyond what we can define easily over more than 23 years of experiences.  Much thanks to our Xpressions founding sisters, as we stand on your shoulders.  I am so happy to steer our fantastic group through the next period of time.  We are living in a land of make believe and reality all in one. How wonderful is that?  Some have charted their journey, some have finished theirs, but we are not going to lose you to the sands of time. We are bound for unique lives and with hugs and smiles, we will show the world what wonderful people we are.

What makes Xpressions work? Simple – – – Member involvement!

We are there for each other. We need you – – – If you have (positive) ideas and would like to help we would love to hear from you.

Oh, did I forget to say we need you?  To paraphrase JFK, “Ask not what Xpressions can do for you – – – – -“.  You get the drift.

I like to say the world is like a mirror, smile and the world smiles back. Help us, and what you get back is more than you put in. Let us strive to accept each other and share each and every dream and the magic will work.  Contact us through our website and see what magic you can experience.

Our newest Xpressions Website is off to a good start, (albeit with some teething issues) for 2017. We communicate through e-mails and forum posts to show us what is happening. We can generate discussions, comments and work on bettering our understanding of this lifestyle we have chosen. We need you to participate more on the forum discussions to get the most out of our group. We are also using Facebook to put our word out to select subscribers.  This is a new initiative and, as a primary social media is well supported by the CD/TG public.  Our best communication tool is our exuberance and excitement that our Xpressions Members bring as they make friends and share wonderful life stories.

We have planned out a full slate of Pub Night activities for the year, at the Fox and Fiddle (27 Wellesley St, Toronto). We are doing fun stuff with theme nights, nostalgia, a few speakers or panels and lots of opportunities to get together and share our friendship and support. For those of you who set your sails towards our sunrise, we will be there for you.  We have planned a set of varied dinner nights East, West, Central and North.  We will be adding some dinners on different dates, so that more members have chances to get out. We have some (last Saturday ea. month) concurrent dinners to make lots of chances to dine with friends. We listened to your input and we will love to have more. New dinner locations are planned at mainstream restaurants in Ontario. Our traditional Pride and Halloween dinners will be celebrated in the tried and true Café California on Church St.

In May, we will take a weekend for Gal’s Spring Fling in our favourite Gananoque location. This event is an incredible event, drawing girls from Canada and the USA and is hosted by the wonderful team of Amanda and Sophia. Keep your eyes peeled for details and plan (if you can) to be there. This will be my fifth GSF and I can’t wait. Oh, did I forget to say?, new attendees get the chance to be in the Sears Fashion Show. An awesome experience as Sears loans us all the fashions and provides generous discounts on purchases. Aside from a Gala dinner/dance, a Shopper’s Drug Mart make-over, a Best Legs Contest and there is dinner/dancing to a live band at the Legion and more. It doesn’t get much better than this weekend.

As Xpressions President I will be hosting a “Palmer’s Presidential Pool Party” in August. We are located outside Woodstock (yes, west of GTA) on a private palatial, estate property, far from neighbours or passing traffic. Even if you don’t swim or fret about your poolside presentation, no worries, come party with us and see how much fun we can have. Worried about privacy or personal security?  Brush off your cobwebs, cause this is the place to be yourself and relax. This will be a pot-luck affair, but will include food, music, games and prizes. All Xpressions Members are invited, past and present as well as spouses and “significant others”.

If you want fun in the sun (or rain, [LOL]) we have it for you.

The crown in our royal theme is a Christmas Gala as good as it ever was in December.  Yes, downtown GTA, we will have a Glitter Ball on top of several other fun activities, and topped off with our annual General Meeting (AGM 2017).  We missed our Gala last year, so it is time for another rockin good time that will cap off the year of events. Please help us plan and rejuvenate the fun of years gone by.

Our Xpressions theme for the year 2017 is “our collective glass is overflowing”. Our goal is to be the pre-eminent CD/TG group in Southern Ontario. Am I optimistic? Not by half!  We are celebrating friendship and personal expression that will make your heart glow and your mind will soar with good memories.

I remain sincerely

Victoria Palmer

Xpressions President 2017 (and sometimes your “Queen Victoria”)



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