Our role, mission and contribution

Xpressions is a social and support group dedicated to serving the larger transgender community in southern Ontario and beyond.

Xpressions is dedicated to providing opportunities for gender diverse persons to meet, socialize, and go out into the larger community. By holding a variety of events and activities for our members, meetings that are open to the entire community, and arranging various annual conferences, we aim to help our sisters and brothers out of the closet by providing safe, fun, and interesting venues in which to enjoy.

Xpressions is also committed to working with other Trans organizations and other entities working towards freedom of gender identity and gender expression. Xpressions believes that the individual expression of gender diversity is a healthy and natural form of personal expression that should be encouraged and supported.

A little history

Xpressions as it is known today was formed as a result of a merger between two other organizations; The Monarch Social Club, known as ‘Monarch’ and the original Xpressions organization, founded in 1995.

The Monarch organization was initially founded around 1985 by Debbie Pyke of Fantasyland in Owen Sound.  Fantasyland is a business similar to “Walk on the Wildside” in Toronto who supply and support the crossdressing community.  Debbie Pyke’s initial thoughts in starting the Monarch Social Club was to provide her clients with a social environment, wherein they could meet others with a common interest and have fun together.  In 1987, Wilhelmina started a Toronto Chapter of Monarch, which became a separate members-driven club.

Like Fantasyland, ‘Walk on the Wildside’ had also started a support and social organization which they called the ‘Canadian Crossdressers Club’.  In late 1994, Wildside decided to shut down the ‘Canadian Crossdressers Club’ as it was not the additional means of revenue they had initially anticipated.  It was from this base, that the original ‘Xpressions’ organization began in 1995, founded by Cynthia, Victoria, Yolanda, Laura and Janet.

In 1996, four individuals, Wilhelmina and Donna from Monarch and Pamela and Cynthia from the original Xpressions worked diligently to negotiate the terms and conditions of merging the Monarch Social Club and the original Xpressions organization.  The negotiations were successful, and in August of 1996, a new organization, initially called ‘Monarch-Xpressions’, was formed.  This organization operated for about one year with the name ‘Monarch-Xpressions’, at which time the ‘Board of Directors’ voted to change the name to just ‘Xpressions’ as it is known today.

Through the years, the Xpressions of today has become a full Transgender social and support organization which has North American recognition.  Xpressions has become a major voice with the Ontario Human Rights organization and we are held in high esteem by I.F.G.E. and all other Transgender clubs and groups, in both Canada and the United States.

As a member of Xpressions, ‘BE PROUD!

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