Join in the fun!

Xpression members enjoy a number of exclusive events year round. We work hard to provide opportunities and venues that allow our members to express their other selves in normal social environments that are safe and affordable.

Dinners, Pub Nights, weekend getaways and other special events are just the excuse we need to get together in friendship and support. Join us!


Our events are intended for members, partners, friends, and guests of Xpressions. With the exception of Pub Nights, typically, our members come to Xpressions events dressed and ready to kick up their heels. If you are just exploring joining us, you are welcome dressed or drab. If you have any questions as to dressing, please contact us and we can answer any questions you may have.

Remember, our events are intended to provide a safe opportunity to explore and express your other side. We are here to help you feel comfortable.

Many other organizations in the Trans Community hold events over the course of the year to provide fun and informative activities.  We try to list those on both our calendar and “Other Activities” pages in the Member area. If you would like to have an event included, send the relevant information to [email protected]

Reminder!: We want to remind members and guests at monthly dinners, meetings and Xpressions events that before taking any photos, including group and candid shots, they must:

Get permission from everyone who will be in the photo before taking the picture.
Tell everyone what you will be doing with the photograph (e.g. posting on the web, on Facebook  or other social networks, putting in a publication, showing to friends, etc.).
If anyone at an event objects, please refrain from taking their photo. The co-operation of everyone attending Xpressions’ gatherings on this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you!



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