Advertising through Xpressions is a great way to show your support for the community, while also accessing a unique and targeted audience for your products and/or services.

Our main communication vehicles that allow us to provide you with access to our members and a growing awareness by the Trans community of the significance of Xpressions are our website, Xpressions members only portal, and sponsorship/support of various Xpressions initiatives.

Our website: The website is intended as both a gateway to exclusive membership portals and as a beacon to Trans people everywhere that Xpressions exists, is active and is here to support all Trans people, partners and friends throughout Ontario and beyond. Google reports an average of 716 “qualified” visits per month (deeper than 4 pages) and a 66.4% average “new” visits per month.

Sponsored/Supported Events: Xpressions runs a number of events each year which provide opportunities to “reach out” to our members their partners, friends and family.  Contact us below if you would like to discuss these opportunities.

Current Advertising Rates:

Rotating banner in appropriate locations on our website.  Will also be shown in the recommended shopping and services that appear in the members only area of the website. $200 per year

Sponsorships are negotiable depending on the event and the exposure required

For further information or to arrange advertising, please contact [email protected]

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