Xpressions – Who We Are…

Xpressions is a social and peer support group dedicated to serving the trans community and its allies in southern Ontario and beyond.

Regardless of age and whether you self-identify as a crossdresser, trans, transgender, transsexual, transman, transwoman, M2F/MtF (male to female), F2M/FtM (female to male), gender fluid, genderqueer, two spirit, gender neutral, non-binary or something else and you’re looking for social interaction, peer support, connections or resources, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re a supporter or ally of a trans person in your life, we welcome you too as your participation and/or interest is important to us.

We are an inclusive group dedicated to providing opportunities to meet and socialize and help you build your confidence to go out into the larger community through a variety of activities, meetings and events.

We recognize that we are all on a unique and very personal ‘journey’ and wherever you are at this moment in time or whatever your goals are in life, our goal is simply to provide a safe, comfortable and fun social environment to enable you to explore who you are and help you on your journey. If you are already comfortable with where you are in your life and just want to make some likeminded friends in the trans community, we certainly welcome you too.

One of the first steps many of our new members take is attending one of our monthly pub nights. This is a perfect introduction to our group where you can come either dressed or in drab, however you’re most comfortable, and enjoy a great opportunity to socialize in our private room not open to the public. Here you will get to meet people like yourself and be able to relax in the comfort of a very supportive environment as you make new friends and hear many stories and experiences from those who have been out and around the community for a while. For more information, check out our Pub Night page where you will see some of the various activities that we have had in the past. It’s always a lot of fun and you’ll soon realize there are people just like you and you really are not alone.

One thing worth noting is that this wonderful event is usually of greatest interest to those who are starting out or those looking to build on their confidence in perhaps going out for the first time. If you’re much further along in your journey, this particular event may not be for you but we do welcome and encourage everyone regardless, to come out and meet the group.

Too scared? Don’t be. If you’re interested in coming out to an event for the first time, we understand for many of you, the fear factor is very real. Well, please be assured that every one of our members at one time or another has had those very same fears of coming out for the first time. As a group, we know how you feel as we have all lived it. We encourage you to never give up on trying your best to overcome that fear, and we can comfortably say that we have many members who can help you if you’re ready to make it happen.

Our hope is that you will want to join Xpressions and we encourage you to become a member and see what Xpressions can do for you.

Other activities we have include movie nights, monthly dinners, wine and cheese nights, shopping trips to name just a few, as well as our annual Christmas Gala. We are also involved with working and supporting other trans related groups for weekend activities, Pride week and occasional trans related conferences.

Through these activities, our aim is to help you out of the closet and ensure you have a safe, enjoyable and fun time at our venues and events. It’s worth noting that we do have a strict ‘Code of Conduct’ policy to ensure everyone remains respectful of each other and conducts themselves accordingly in a supportive environment, regardless of the event or activity.

Whatever your interests, we invite you to come and see what we’re all about. Our hope is that Xpressions will become an important part of your journey where you can enjoy the relaxed social atmosphere, make friends and gain the confidence you need to be yourself out in the real world. It’s an exciting time to be trans, so no need to wait any longer.

And finally……A word about Privacy…. We do recognize this is a critical element in your decision to come out so you can rest assured that we have this covered. You can check out the details of our privacy policy here.

Look forward to seeing you.



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